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Food Waste Reduction Week

Zoom on our “Food Waste Reduction Campaign” @Novotel Hanoi Thai Ha

To celebrate “The International of Awareness of food loss and waste”, Novotel Hanoi Thai Ha hosted some meaningful activities:

  • On Sep 28, the Hotel launched “Heartist against food waste” campaign


  • A sharing session by Canteen and Restaurant Head Chef on practical tips to cut down on wastage as well as unique homemade recipes from organic ingredients.

  • From Sep 28 to Oct 06, each guest and Heartist who finished their meals without leftovers received a lucky number for the Lucky Draw.
  • On Oct 06, Food Waste Reduction Week ended and we found 5 lucky guests and 5 lucky Heartists won the Lucky Draw.
  • Also on Oct 06, we had a chance to review and celebrate our successful Food Waste Reduction Week with the magnificent decrease in food waste.


Thank you for joining this Food Waste Reduction week.

Thank you for being food waste warriors!

Let’s see the beautiful moments captured at the program and please follow the Novotel Hanoi Thai Ha fanpage to keep up with the latest news of this meaningful campaign.

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