Novotel Hanoi Thai Ha - 家庭/商务旅行酒店 - 年可持续发展周 2023

年可持续发展周 2023

Sustainable week 2023: Act today, protect tomorrow.

Novotel Hanoi has been through a week of full activities to celebrate international sustainability to remind our Heartist and communities the importance of caring for the environments around us and the proper steps for doing so each day. Let’s throwback some remarkable memories of this Green journey together.

“Soap for Hope” – Diversey & Novotel

70 new soap bars were “drafting” from Soap for Hope day. 20 bars of soap was sent to the homeless through the “ẤM” project. The rest will be used for upcoming charity projects.

Novotel & iFarm

Over 40 kgs of used coffee grounds and plastic bottles were donated to iFarm. From here, iFarm will be a long-term partner of Novotel Hanoi to offer environmentally friendly, healthy service experiences to our guests.

Healthy day

56 Heartist joined the survey. 11 records were received from Heartist who have walked/run over 10km. At Novotel, we aim to create unprecedented value for our Heartist well-being.

Food waste reduction day

We permeated the message of Food waste reduction to our guests in order to raise guest’s awareness about the matter. Also, our Chefs conduct the training about Food waste reduction so all the Heartist can apply it at home easily.


On 22nd April, our Night mission team of Novotel Hanoi visited 8 homeless people in different spots in Hanoi. The team went to many places in the cities, from Nguyen Hy Quang, Pho Hue, Chuong Duong Bridge, Le Duan, Chau Long…, bring care and presents to people living in extreme hardship. Hot bento boxes, new baked baguettes, and hand-made recycled soaps from our earlier activity Soap for Hope were presented to the people.

There are a few easy steps that we can take everyday to encourage people around us to act sustainability to make a difference in their communities and the environment at large. At Novotel, we believe that every day is an opportunity to say thanks to our mother nature.

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